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Welcome to the Peasedown Christadelphian Church!
Our aim is to share our beliefs with those who do not know them, and to provide information for Christadelphians and non-Christadelphians alike.
We have set up this website to provide information on the following topics:
Who are the Christadelphians?                  
What do we believe?                  
History of the Peasedown Christadelphian Church                  
Programme of events for the coming month                  
Bible Learning courses                  
Sunday services information                  
Our Mission Statement:

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour who died on the cross but was raised to life again.

By faith in him, we can achieve peace of mind in this life and eternal life in his kingdom. We try to live our lives in accordance with the principles that he demonstrated during his ministry on earth.

Our mission is to bring this message of hope to all who will listen.
Further information
If you are looking for answers to life's big questions, and would to learn more about what we believe, then further information is available by following this link: Life's Big Questions.

As tension continues to grow in the Middle East and international focus is drawn towards Israel, The Christadelphians have produced an article considering Bible prophecy on this matter: Peace in the Middle East?


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