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Throughout the endless reaches of space are myriad clusters of innumerable stars, with colours amazingly beautiful. We marvel at the Divine technique of their Creator. With omniscient genius and incomparable efficacy, He made the countless stars and their satellites, set them into prodigious orbits throughout limitless space and with invisible ties, holds them whirling and moving in such mathematical precision that we can foretell an eclipse or the visit of a comet years in advance. Such is the wonder implied in those words: “He made the stars also.” (Genesis 1:16).

Near the centre of our galaxy is the Earth, a cosmic pebble circling a minor star in one of millions of enormous galaxies. It wears a mantle of air and other substances, precisely designed to sustain the life God placed on its surface. There is water in abundance on the earth´s surface. In the known universe, liquid water is an exotic rarity! For since the universe consists of stars at millions of degrees centigrade, or of frozen solids drifting in the abyss of space, there are not many places where liquid water can exist.

Then there is land. The marvel is that there is any land. If the entire earth´s surface were levelled, the continental masses would be one and a half miles under water! And of the entire earth´s surface, only the top six inches can support life. What marvels of life it does support! Gigantic elephants and towering sequoias, graceful swans, fleet-footed cheetahs and a vast array of animal and plant life are intricately inter-related to each other through the invisible links of food chains. This is yet another strand in the complex mesh of life created and sustained by Almighty God. We are so blessed to live on Earth!

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